Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina and … His attire consists of a purple cape, a metal breastplate, a lilac kilt, and armored boots. He has long white hair, a beard, and white eyes. He developed a love of violence that surpassed that of any other Olympian,which made him the perfect candidate for being the god of war. She was also referred to as "Ares' Champion.". He wears a white toga and wields a golden armband and golden leg bands. Harmonia, Goddess of Harmony, was the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Ares states that compared to modern man he is a dabbler in war. His symbols include the boar, dog, wolf, spear, sword, and vulture. This god-driven madness led him to commit … He conceived more mortal children than divine children. Although Ares abandoned those plans that time, he later managed to possess an unimportant human criminal, Ari Buchanan. Because of this, he was a less aggressive and physical form, revealing a more calm and understanding demeanour. However, years later Kratos would swear his allegiances towards the God of War. Once they were born he took them under his wing, before being banished from Themyscira both in body and spirit, by his father Zeus. This new plot involved the birth of five male children, via five random Amazons. featured in Saint Seiya online. He was outright hated by Zeus' wife, Hera, who drove him to madness as he grew into adulthood. A son ofZeus and Hera, he is the brother of Athena, Hebe, andHephaestus. These are but capsule notes. After Kratos found that his Spartan army was no match for the barbarian forces and was at the mercy of the Barbarian King, he called out to Ares, offering him his life an… Ares is one of the few children of the Olympian gods Zeus and Hera. He wore red armor during the war with Orario. He represents the physical or violent aspect of war. Possessing Buchanan's body, he changed his name to Ares Buchanan, and began climbing the business ladder, by providing hi-tech weapons for gang wars. Ares had a sister named Eris, who was the Goddess of Discord. During the events of Amazons Attack it was discovered that Ares had left Circe and kidnapped their daughter to raise on his own. God of War Ares final boss fight on hard mode in 4k and 60fps using the PCSX2 emulator. Ares had many offspring, which is characteristic of nearly all of the notable Greek gods. The gods were the creations of the Titans (the primordial beings, not the teenage superheroes living in a tower), who were in turn creations of even more powerful primordial beings. For example, one famous story of Ares and Aphrodite exposes them to ridicule by the gods when her husband Hephaestus trapped them both naked in a bed using a clever device he made. The fact … As Buchanan, he had a relationship with his lawyer Donna Milton (who was Circe in disguise, although not even she knew it then), conceiving a daughter named Lyta. Despite being Zeus's son, Ares never fit in with the other gods of Olympus and created his own realm, the Areopagus. On the other hand, other gods such as Athena, Aphrodite, and Ares began to gain more power due, respectively, to the appearance of the computer age, to love never diminishing, and to conflict remaining consistent. Ares is one of the few children of the Olympian gods Zeus and Hera. Ares was most notably referred to as the God of War; he represented the unpleasant aspects of battle. He fought for Hector (a Trojan) until a Greek warrior pierced him with a spear that was guided by Athena. In recent years, as opposed to ancient times, the roles of various gods have altered somewhat, according to modern practices and beliefs. Ares is the God of War. During the reign of Ouranos, the hundred armed Hecatonchires and one-eyed Cyclops were imprisoned within Tartarus, causing Gaia great pain. Statistics Name: Ares, God of War … Ares is the god of war, one of the Twelve Olympian gods and the son of Zeus and Hera. Name: Ares Origin: God of War Gender: Male Height: Varies, 6'8 (2.10 cm) to 50 Meters Weight: Varies, 200 Kg (440 lb) to 1000 Tons Species: Olympian God Classification: Olympian/God of war Age: Several thousand years old Powers and Abilities Edit. So, it turns out that the Greek Gods were real, well… sorta. Kratos was a violent spartan warrior, a mighty general and a demigod born from the lions of Zeus. Ares, in Greek religion, god of war or, more properly, the spirit of battle. Ares was associated with two other war deities: Enyalius and Enyo. In Greek literature, he often represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war and is the personification of sheer brutality and bloodlust, in contrast to his sister, the … He went by the name Ryou (化け物, Anata) while he was acting as a Mage for the Magic Council. Greek god of War Height 6' 8 Hair Color Blond Eye Color Blue Build Muscular Parents Zeus & Hera Children Demon, Phobos, and more Best Friend Aphrodite Worst Enemy Jericho. Wonder Woman #612(August, 2011). The Teen Titans were thrown ten years into the future, where Cassie had inherited the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana's death. Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Teleportation, … Among all the major Greek gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus (the gods’ home), Ares was the most despised. This character is or was primarily an enemy of Wonder Woman and the Amazons in any of her various incarnations. brother of Haephestus. New Earth Ares is one of the few children of the Olympian rulers Zeus and Hera. Ares appeared to Cassie for apparently the final time, and he revealed that the gods were leaving this plane, and that Zeus was reclaiming the power he had granted Cassie as well.
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