One of the most interesting things about studying history is learning how people lived in different eras and how they are connected with people today. Postsecondary geography teachers teach courses in geography. History buffs often feel limited to jobs like teaching, researching and working in an archive. Archaeologist 3. If you're seeking careers with a history degree that allow you to work at historical sites by sharing information with patrons, becoming a park ranger might be a good fit for you. Postsecondary sociology teachers teach courses in sociology. Postsecondary anthropology and archaeology teachers teach courses in anthropology or archaeology and conduct research. Teaching jobs are not the only jobs available to those with a history degree. Archaeologists conduct research to reconstruct record of past human life and culture from human remains, artifacts, architectural features, and structures recovered through excavation, underwater recovery, or other means of discovery. If you have a degree in history, you can consider a unique career path. Starting a business that doesn't require employees keeps overhead... Certifications for IT professionals working in Linux server... Want a career in music? Help out historians by volunteering to transcribe old documents online. Anthropologists research, evaluate, and establish public policy concerning the origins of humans. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Fee-only vs. commission financial advisor, knowledge of historical events and their causes, indicators, and effects on civilizations and cultures, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr, The terrible piece of career advice I got over and over again as a college student. Museums and Galleries. Archaeology and Architecture, Conservation and Horticulture. Careers in English . 17 Cool Jobs for Book Lovers. You also study the way all of those pieces work together. According to, one of the highest paying jobs for those with a history degree is a public relations manager. The history major provides both a stepping stone towards dynamic careers in many industries and preparation for ongoing contribution to civic life. This is a great job for history buffs who want to contribute to the art world as well. A dramaturge does not usually get a salary. According to NASA, 16 of the 17 hottest years on record occurred since 2001. A person is in this position assesses if a piece of information has value. You know what they say — those who study history are doomed to watch others repeat it. If you have an interest in studying the Earth and how it interacts with other parts of the universe, then this might be the job for you. If your idea of a good time is hanging out in a bookstore, if you fall asleep with your e-reader every night, or if you devour current events stories from a variety of sources, then you might want to start a new career chapter. The perfect jobs for nature lovers allow them to balance their inner wildness with the social necessities in one of two ways: the work either offers spaciousness — meaning it pays enough, leaves plenty of free time, and isn’t terribly stressful — or it is a job that is fully … Academic librarian 2. As a park ranger, you might oversee the visitor center for a historical site, lead guided tours through a historic building or complex or prepare materials for visitors to consume. And every case is exciting because you never know what you'll find – your next client could be related to a past celebrity or important historical figure. Jobs or Careers for Book Lovers: 1. Well the good thing is, book-lovers: you don't have to starve in a room full of brand new hardcovers. Teaching in Schools. Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. You can easily earn more than $100,000 per year with a history degree. Postsecondary art, drama, and music teachers teach courses in drama, music, and the arts including fine and applied art, such as painting and sculpture, or design and crafts. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider At the postgraduate level, most of these courses are offered nationwide. A genealogist in the U.S. can earn a salary that ranges from $50,000 to $86,000 per year.Â, Fascinated by fossils? Socio-cultural anthropologists study past and present societies’ cultures and customs. Business News Daily was founded in 2010 as a resource for small business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major, 20 Resume Mistakes Keeping You From Getting a Job (and How to Fix Them), International Association of Privacy Professionals: Career and Certification Guide. After having a degree in history, you can specialize in these fields. You will need to have in depth knowledge so reading many books particularly to cover the … Linguistic anthropologists look at language and its’ important and change over time. The average income for a public relations manger can earn close to $115,000 per year. Archivist. Related Careers: Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of archivists, curators, and museum workers with similar occupations. If your head says "history" but your heart says "theater," then a career as a dramaturge could be the perfect way to combine your skills and interests. Bear in mind, there is an increasing expectation for entrants to this industry to have studied at MA level, though extensive work experience as a museum assistant or voluntary work in the museum or heritage industry may offer an alternative entry route. They work with fossils and skeletons, art, books and other artifacts, and prepare them for research and exhibits (or proper storage, when a collection is no longer on display.) … Museum/gallery exhibitions officer 7. If you have a passion for the past but would prefer to take a more unique career path, you're in luck: There are many interesting careers for those with history degrees. Weekend Wayfarers/Flickr. Judging from this list, it's mostly academia or bust for history lovers. A number of different organisations need to preserve important records. Some of the larger museums, such as the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum employ history graduates with knowledge of specific periods of history as researchers. If you are passionate about sharing your love of history with others, consider becoming a high school or middle school history or social studies teacher. In a job as a paralegal, you write and research, just like you did as a history major. These project management certifications are in demand in 2019.... 15 Business Ideas That Don't Require Employees. While re-enactors recreate specific historical events like the Civil War, living historians portray the day-to-day life and activities of their chosen period in history and educate visitors while they do so. Teach English in the United States. Archivists are tasked with verifying and protecting important documents across all genres, from the original Dead Sea Scrolls to the first copies of the Harry Potter series, for future purposes. Architecture teachers teach courses in architecture and architectural design, such as architectural environmental design, interior architecture and design, and landscape architecture. Archivist 2. In addition to a degree in history, an education degree may also be required to become a teacher . Postsecondary English language and literature teachers teach courses in English language and literature, including linguistics and comparative literature.
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