You’ll be given a hypothetical scenario and asked about your approach to solving it. The feedback from my onsite for product sense was that I needed to identify problem worth solving first. In this interview guide, Bijan from Product Management Exercises goes over how to answer an Execution or Metrics question in a PM job interview. What do you do? Facebook is a company that is known for often asking interview questions that pertain to Facebook products. Then, check out the 30-day Facebook PM interview prep plan included in The Product Manager Interview (TPMI). So, at this stage of a Product Management interview, you will be interviewed by a Product Manager. The facebook interview is pretty well document for the product management position (product sense and product execution) and the questions in my interview were repeated. We don't have a product manager here on the CC team—so we reached out to an expert to give her sage advice on how you can stand out in your next product management interview. Leadership & Drive. It'll provide an introduction to the 3 areas of a Facebook PM interview: Product Sense. What are your priorities? I found that the interview was not well organized and the format lead to a lot of pre-canned bias. Read a more detailed interview … Enter, Facebook’s Vice President of Marketplace, Deb Liu. So I would strongly recommend playing around with the Facebook family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Workplace) to first become familiar with our product suite. January 2019 - Being a Product Manager requires structured and … Execution. Execution on Feb 19, 2019 Execution: This part of the interview assesses your ability to identify and prioritize opportunities for your product. Interview question for Product Manager in San Francisco, CA.Execution #2: You're the PM for Facebook live. The third interview is when the candidate is invited onsite to partake in a series of interviews. How to Prepare for the Facebook Product Execution Interview. The best way to practice for Facebook interviews is to simulate the real interview experience as closely as possible. The interview is held by a Facebook employee that currently has the position the candidate is applying for. Product Sense: As a Facebook Product Manager, you are expected to roll up your sleeves and work cross-functionally to create a product. I've helped candidates prepare for Facebook (FB) product manager (PM) interviews since 2008. Hence they asked for a repeat. How to Master Product Execution Interview Q's by Facebook PM in San Francisco, Product School San Francisco, Thursday, 17. Teaching Note for Facebook Execution Questions by Lewis C. Lin September 27th, 2017 by lewis I have cleared the all other rounds already. Based on Lewis' books, Decode & Conquer as well as The Product Manager Interview. Here are sample questions during the metrics portion of the PM interview: * A critical metric just dropped by X%. I have a final round of the Product Sense interview coming up for a Product Manager position at Facebook. It'll prescribe a step-by-step prep plan, including specific exercises and recommendations.
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