I would like to catch them on my own rather than wait to ask someone to cast net them for me. This really is the last mullet rig you will ever buy. Mullet have unusual eating habits compared to other sea fish, but they do share one thing in common: a taste for mackerel flesh. Pass the piano wire down through the hole in the head that you previously made with the needle. Mullet open their mouths and suck the food into it, as soon as you see or feel a bite, or the bobbing float indicates one, immediately tighten your line or the bait might be sucked off your hook! Hooking them in the tail keeps them swimming and attracting predators. Then I tie a loop at the top end so I can attach it to my main line with a swivel when ready. Often the hook is all that is required, no swivel and definitely no lead. Get a pinch from the bread and impale it in your hook, … Around the South West, where I live, recent winters have been so mild that you could realistically have targeted mullet nearly all year. In this process, you can utilise either crisp bread from the nearby pastry shop and simply “squash” onto the hook or you can make your own “dough “. I use a 2/0 circle hook through the nose or tail. Catching mullet on a hook however, can be a lot of fun as well as productive. I use a 17 lb. One is simply bait them on a Carolina rig. That’s what makes Finger Mullet a catch-it-all bait. Click here to join the Insider Club. I just uni-uni knot to some light leader line, attach 3 hooks on them, add a floaty... the length should be up to 50cm from the lowest hook to the float. Red mullet will not only advance in from the low water line, but tend to face into the oncoming tide … My poddy mullet right for flathead is - small sinker (about pea-size) down to the hook on a 12lb fluoro trace. At the end of the line, attach a barrel swivel. When using a net, the good thing is that you’ll be able to catch a lot unlike other methods that you could catch one mullet at a time. Match your hook size to the size of the mullet that you are using. The tackle of choice is a medium to medium light spinning rod 6' to 7' matched with a spin cast reel spooled with line no heavier than 10 lb test. Special mullet rigs are available to accomplish this. Thanks for any info you can … One recurring problem that I see with anglers newer to bottom fishing is how they hook their bait. Today, after decades of over-fishing, commercial mullet fishing is regulated in Florida, but the fish are not endangered, and recreational fishing has only seasonal bag and gear limits. Three of them are shown in the photos below. Leader about as long as I can stretch my arms. There are times when mullet are easy to catch, but … If you hook it wrong, the bait becomes a helicopter that has your leader spun up by the time you hit the bottom and they stand there wondering why they can’t get a bite when others are hooked up. Just lift into bites to fully make sure the hook is home. Mullett Rig. You must berley with small pieces bread to get the Mullet “In the mood”. For those of you who are not familiar with a Carolina rig, it is simple—1 egg weight in the ounce of your choice, 1 swivel, fluorocarbon (around 18 inches or shorter) the pound test of your choice and 1 … That will be yours soon! Tie on a 4', leader with # 4 gold Aberdeen hooks evenly spaced about 10 inches apart. For instance, if the mullet was 8 inches or less, I would use a 5/0 inline circle hook. To rig them effectively, first place a weight about 18″ above your hook. You could also use a rod and reel outfit.
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