We wondered this ourselves, so we leaned on our fishing community to figure out what was best. Snook are easily spooked during the day, but the sound of a boat motor at night will drive them away. Login. The snook was a whopping 43 inches and Jake estimated it to be about 25 pounds! This usually takes place near a dock light’s beam, but in some cases it will be outside the beam, so check those out too. You can still catch plenty of snook in the afternoon during the tidal changes, but the better bite will almost always occur during the lowlight conditions of the mornings, evenings and at night. Do handle snook with care as they have razor-sharp teeth. One of the most popular ways to catch snook at night is by fishing from a bridge or a dock with lights where snook will congregate to pounce on the prey like crustaceans and baitfish that are attracted by the light. It was a little disappointing as I had heard catching Snook at night under the dock lights was almost cheating. They’re just pure power! Let your lure settle down before making a few twitches. Mr. Mersing, That sure sounds like Snook–picky and difficult to catch. HOW TO CATCH SUMMER SNOOK ON THE BEACH . How much should I plan to spend on a salt water fishing boat? Go to Bays, Inlets and Residential Areas These areas can’t be accessed during the day because of human activity such as swimming and boating. Where can I find ocean fishing reports in California? Snook season in the eastern US usually starts in September, and you’ll be able to catch most of the big Snook during the summer months. How to find and catch snook on beaches and inlets. In most cases a 30 lb. Read these four secrets first, 5 fishing tactics anybody can use on sea trout, Four saltwater fishing techniques for your next trip, How to know which rod holder is right for you, Five deep sea fishing secrets to try in NJ, Best places in Mexico for deep sea fishing and what to expect, Five Saltwater Fishing Tactics that Anybody can use. Snook are most commonly found inshore along the coast and especially in shorelines lined with mangroves, in seagrass, and around structure. If the snook isn’t showing interest in your lure, try a different action or color to see if that entices it. If you only fish during the day you’re missing out on a lot, and it’s not that hard if you know the tricks of the trade. It was a little disappointing as I had heard catching Snook at night under the dock lights was almost cheating. Snook take different types of lures and baits, but their behavior can be hard to predict at times, and they can also be stubborn. When fishing at night for snook, anglers are typically looking for boat docks that have lights on … Snook are one of the most popular inshore saltwater species in Florida. Snook fishing is usually best on an incoming tide, but you can catch them just about anytime, including night time. Snook use current to position themselves to gobble tide-driven bait. Catching snook in Florida is a challenging but exciting adventure. How to Catch Snook at Night? | Terms of Service | Resources | Privacy Policy | Snook Fishing Articles | Disclaimer | Contact Us | Simply How To Catch Snook | How To Catch Snook |, Best Times of Year to Fish for Southwest Florida Snook. You will next the right rod and reel combo. But give it a few tries and you’ll realize that it’s as much fun as fishing during the day. If you don’t want to use live bait, a chartreuse or white paddle tail with jighead is always a good choice. You can catch Snook all year round on the Paradise Coast. One of the most common mistakes anglers make is moving into the lights very quickly, producing noise and scaring away the fish. How to Catch Summer Snook on the Beach Posted On: July 6, 2016. As we covered in our recent snook fishing at night article, we think hunting the elusive snook after sundown is the best time to do it.Snook are nocturnal predators and become much easier to find at night.But what are the best lures for snook at night? While live bait can catch them in the middle of the day, lure fishing for snook generally is better at night. If you’re after big snook (10 lbs. You can try to buy any of these before you catch a snook. | Backwater Snook Fishing Tips| Snook Fishing Tips | About Us Earlier we mentioned how important patience is, and that’s true regardless of the Snook fishing lures you’re using. Thanks. All experienced anglers will tell you that patience is necessary, and this is especially true if you’re fishing for snook at night. Choose a battery operated light with sufficient power to allow you to see properly. Artificial Baits for Snook. Daniel Eggertsen Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. Do Some Night Fishing These powerful fish will gladly feed during the day but they are designed by nature to feed at night. Tight lines, and we hope to see you at the site. Snook Fishing 101, Catching Bait on a Sabiki, Chum Bag. Tie knots. These are proactive measures due to impacts of red tide in this area. A good snook light can help but you also need some decent lures to draw their attention. Catch Snook at Night. Their activity significantly increases as night falls. … Both underwater lights and lights mounted on the dock that shine down into the water will hold snook. You have to take the skin off or you will be left with an aversive soapy taste. Snook 101. Snook can be tough at night in or around docklights. Which fishing rod holder do you suggest I buy? Subscribe to continue reading. With many inshore fish, the coloration may vary with season and habitat. But the best time to catch a really big Snook is at night. It’s July and Summer time is upon us. During the evening however you’ll be able to find them. In addition, snook are more active at night and low light conditions in general with their feeding. Five tips before you buy, How to read the Maine saltwater fishing report, Five things to check in California ocean fishing reports, Four Texas Saltwater Fishing Tips – best places to go, The Best-Kept Secret In The Saltwater fishing World……. I wrote another article that is on this website that covers snook fishing with a flair hawk jig in great detail. How to catch snook. The trick is finesse and presenting a bait they can't resist. He was really wanting to catch a Snook so we went out hunting. Use lures, such as bottom jigs or swimmer bait, artificial crabs, and shrimp, or go with live bait, such as menhaden, mullet, or sardines. Use Flurocarbon leader. How to catch a snook fishing Florida We will cover many different scenarios covering how to catch a snook in Florida waters. For the highest chances of success, try fishing dock lights for Snook. If You Hook a Snook, Steer It Away From Any Structure. We think a community site like ours has to give our readers information, education, and entertainment and do it in a healthy, clean, and enjoyable way. Fall and early winter is the time to get after those tasty flatfish, and a few simple tips will go a long way … In South Florida Summer means flat glassy seas, days at the pool or beach, and spawning Snook!The Summer time Snook spawn occurs on the both the East and West Coast of South Florida. Coloration is generally dark gray to black on the dorsal surface, shading to silvery on the sides.The fins are yellowish. Night fishing for redfish becomes a different sport entirely from its daytime counterpart. How to Catch Summer Snook on the Beach Posted On: July 6, 2016 . In the quiet of the evening any noise you make is heard much easier by your potential quarry. More often than not, night is better than dusk, but the tide can change that. Since snook is closed annually from May 1-Aug. 31, this fishery will reopen to harvest Sept. 1, 2021. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Snook operate like a light switch. Snook will hide just outside the green light and wait for baitfish to come into the light, then they’ll swing in and grab a couple before swimming back out again. Identifying the differences between fluke and flounder may be tricky, but one thing you can count on – they’re both delicious!Also, check out how to catch fish here!. The best places to go are residential areas, inlets and bays: during the day these areas are inaccessible to fish because of boating, swimming and other human activity. Once you’ve decided on the place to fish, use a soft, plastic jerkbait. Southwest Florida snook are certainly one of the most pursued, but least caught gamefish in Florida waters. But besides the safety factors, here are a few more tips for fishing the dock lights for snook: Don’t cast into docks when the owners are sitting on the dock; Avoid getting on other people’s docks
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