Palm, Black Lignum Vitae. may contain checks & cracks), (may Yellow Box Burl Katalox We offer several types of exotic woods, Desert Iron Wood blocks and book matched pairs, Snake Wood, Amboyna Burl, Lignum Vitae, Macassar Ebony, Maka Burl, Pink Ivory and Tulip Wood. Jicarillo Craft Woods Masur Birch . & Figured This material is a mixture of partially air dried and dry material. BIMBLE BOX BURL. INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). Our Links Contact Us Australian Banksia Pods The short, compact tree is native to continental tropical American and the West Indies. Australian Myrtle, Figured Home, Other Stuff Bocote. Olivewood The trees are indigenous to the Caribbean and the … Argentine Lignum Vitae turns and finishes to a naturally smooth, high polish. The Lignum Vitae (Guiacum Officinale) was found here by Christopher Columbus. Amboyna is technically not a distinct species, but is the name of the burl wood from any of the Pterocarpus species. Lignum Vitae Louro Preto Macadamia Nut Maple, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Figured Marblewood Mesquite (Honey) Mesquite (Black) Monkey Pod Mopane Olivewood Osage Orange ... BUCKEYE BURL: … Monkey Pod Maple Burl, Big-Leaf Our Warehouse FAQs Ebony, Tabletops Live Edge Slabs Live Edge Ovals Plywood Our retail location in Ottawa, Ontario stocks over 70 different species of Domestic and Exotic woods. Tambootie Ebony, Black-and-White Odor: Lignum Vitae … There is much more wood in our warehouse than on our website. Turning Stock. Lignum Vitae. FAQs Red Box Burl Satine/Bloodwood Gentleman. Marblewood Australian Mallee Burl . Austr. NOT BE SHIPPED Both woods are extremely hard, heavy, oily and have similar colors and patterns. Return Policy About Our Woods Rosewood, Yucatan They are all Kiln Dried and stored in one of our 22 000 square foot warehouses. Holly contain Sapwood & minor checks or Twists! Mesquite (Black) Other Exotic Woods Some pieces may have some checks present. We will also … This wood has air dried for 1 year and contains residual moisture. Weight will vary. Buckeye Burl Walnut Burl Below you will find all products listed or you can search by species … Custom Sizes Maple, Curly Macadamia Nut !. Pool-Cue/ Spindle Blanks About Our Woods However, Lignum Vitae is an exceptional wood for turning on the lathe, and finishes well. It has been air drying for 1 year as of September 2020 and contains residual moisture. Contact Us Lignum Vitae is excellent for use where mechanical lubricant is difficult or impossible to apply. Red Box Burl Austr. The green to greenish-brown heartwood weighs between 80 to 90 lbs/cubic foot. Black (Gabon) Kingwood Purpleheart That Lignum vitae is a wood, also called guayacan or guaiacum, and in parts of Europe known as Pockholz or pokhout, from trees of the genus Guaiacum. Color only ages more with time and especially with light exposure, yielding beautiful and very unique projects. You'll love the polish this wood delivers. Gerry's Works Customers' Works Granadillo Cocobolo Bocote Walnut, Curly & Figured Guatemalan Mora Lignum vitae is one of the heaviest and hardest woods in the world. Myrtle Burl Madrone Guapinolillo Sign up to be the first to know about products and specials from Cook Woods! $10.99 $ 10. Asian Satinwood, Figured Thuya Burl Pen Blanks Redheart … Bulnesia sarmientoi   -   Country of Origin: We offer a wide variety of turning stock including pen blanks, spindles and bowl blanks in both exotic and domesic species. Crosscut Black Palm & Gunmetal, Cigar Argentina, Sampling of Argentine Lumber & Boards ), (Please examine pictures - some ), (CAN Our state of the art facility is over 15,000 sq. The second densest wood in the world, Argentine Lignum Vitae is naturally green in color and full of oily properties that make it exceptional for turning. It is a very hard, dense, and heavy wood, with a fine texture. Padauk Spalted /Salvaged Woods Mangowood - alternative to Lignum Vitae Maple Maple (Burl)* Marblewood Mesquite Mesquite (Black) Mesquite (Burl)* Mulberry Oak Oak (1st Generation) Oak (Whiskey Barrel)** Olive Olive (Bethlehem) … Camel Thorn. Rosewood, Bolivian Bubinga, Curly In Jamaica, it grows best in the dry … Hawaiian Koa Prices: Low-High Is this list complete? Wir setzen Cookies ein, um Ihre Benutzererfahrung zu verbessern, Ihnen … Spalted Tamarind may contain checks & cracks). Prices: Low-High It is a very hard, dense, and heavy wood, with a fine texture. Shipping INTERNATIONALLY! This wood is highly fragrant, in fact, its oil of Guaiac (or guayacol) is used as an ingredient in perfumes. The grain is slightly interlocked with fine, even texture. Figured Myrtle & Chrome, Jr. Yellowheart Return Policy Ebony, Bubinga, Waterfall (Slabs) Sharp Pebble Whetstones Wood Carvers Sharpener-Dual Grit Sharpening Stones Grit 400 & … Snake Wood Fills a medium flat rate box. Peppermill Blanks Ebony, Mun Exotic Woods. Bubinga, Clear With our last wood hardness chart, several noted that there were certain woods missing that should be in the list, so we've expanded the list to 224 different species. Lignum Vitae will also dull cutters, and overall is considered quite difficult to work. Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 until the end on 2012. The heartwood color ranges from a dark greenish brown to black. Long used for its self-lubricating qualities in marine applications such as propeller shaft and rudder shaft bearings, it is also … Ziricote We offer several types of exotic woods, Desert Iron Wood blocks and book matched pairs, Snake Wood, Amboyna Burl, Lignum Vitae, Macassar Ebony, Maka Burl, Pink Ivory and Tulip Wood. Australian Red Mallee Burl. Woods Mopane Gilmer Wood Company Contact: Myles Gilmer Address: 2211 NW Saint Helens Road Portland, OR 97210 Phone: 503-274-1271 Phone: 1-888-667-3979 Fax: 503-274-9839 Our team can help you choose the right exotic wood for your woodworking projects, allowing … Ebony, Brown (Argentine) . Australian Mallee Burl Australian Burl Caps Australian Myrtle Burl Austr. Argentine Lignum Vitae (or Vera) is a high quality timber that is native to South America, growing around the borders of Argentina, Bolivia & Paraguay. Other Exotic Burls, Assorted There may be occasional checks or splits on some pieces. Common Name: Lignum Vitae; Scientific Name: GUAIACUM OFFICINALE; Origin: Central and S. America; Location: Annapolis; Genuine Lignum Vitae 14″x 13.5″x 3″ ... Camphor Burl … Argentine Lignum Vitae is in a different Genus than Lignum Vitae, but both genera are classified in the same family: Zygophyllaceae. Burl Maple, Holywood lignum vitae Guaiacum sanctum, Exotic hard wood rare seed 25 seeds. Other Stuff Color only ages more with time and especially with light … Our Warehouse Louro Preto The second densest wood in the world, Argentine Lignum Vitae is naturally green in color and full of oily properties that make it exceptional for turning. Bubinga. Lignum Vitae - Lignum Vitae Cookies auf der Webseite: Cookies helfen uns dabei, die Dienste für Sie bestmöglich bereit zu stellen. Why pay more elsewhere! These cut offs are deal for jewelry, inlay, intarsia, and other fine products. Not … (Please examine pictures - some Brown Mallee Burl. Bulnesia sarmientoi, Argentine Lignum Vitae Turning Square (12" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"), Argentine Lignum Vitae Turning Square (18" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"), Argentine Lignum Vitae Cut Offs - Medium Box (MFRB). The heartwood … Contact us and tell us what you're looking for. Leopardwood Wenge Macassar Tulipwood Zapote Lignum Vitae is reputed to be the world’s heaviest and … Size ranges from 2" to 6" x 1-1/2" to 4" x 1/4" to 1-1/2". The heartwood color of these trees range in color from olive green to a dark green. Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Burmese Lignum Vitae 99. Yaje contain Sapwood & minor checks or Twists! Palm, Red Australian Grey Box Burl. Rosewood, Honduran . FREE Shipping. Mesquite (Honey) Lignum Vitae (Genuine) is an exotic wood native to the tropical regions of the Americas. ), GENUINE GUAYACAN Figured Yellow Box Burl Buckeye Burl Madrone Burl Maple Burl, Big-Leaf Myrtle Burl Thuya Burl ... Order exotic Lignum Vitae … Birdseye It is the World's second densest wood and is usually half … Also, due to its high oil content and density, it’s very difficult to get a strong and reliable glue joint. Showing all 2 results Lignum Vitae Pen Blanks $ 17.00; Lignum Vitae Turning Blanks ... African Blackwood African Mahogany African Padauk Amazakoue Amboyna Burl Ambrosia Maple … Lignum Vitae (Argentine) is an exotic wood, yet is native to the West Indies and the tropical regions of the Americas. African Blackwood This oil is also appreciated for skin healing attributes and the healing of stomach problems. Over 2000 pieces of burl to choose from, all at the highest quality and lowest prices. This wood changes to a beautiful blue green hue when aged for a short period of time after working. Argentine Lignum Vitae. Rosewood, Caribbean 9/27/20: New : Hawaii Sandalwood & Desert Ironwood & Stabilized Burls & Amboyna Burl & Bolivian Rosewood & figured Nepal Alder 8/3 0/20: New items in : Lignum Vitae : rare stock . Shipping We stock a wide variety of woods from around the world; each one with its own unique colour, grain and texture. This exceptional hardwood has beautiful blue-green colors with contrasting sapwood on some pieces. Black Palm. Australian Burl Caps Gerry's Works Canarywood We will also … Most commonly this is Narra (Pterocarpus indicus), but burl sections of Burma … ft. and produces world class live edged table tops, mantles, timbers, lumber, turning blanks, book matched sets, musical instruments, burls caps, burl blanks, and more! Bi-Colored Woods Australian Myrtle Burl Osage Orange Unique Turning Squares, Burl Woods Burmese Blackwood Customers' Works The wood turns to an absolute color reflective finish that is incredibly smooth. Global Wood Source provides the highest quality of exotic wood, with a variety of patterns, colors, and finishes. Delightful, perfume-like fragrance makes this wood even more enjoyable to work. Genunie Lignum Vitae Turning Square. Home, Botanical Name: As expected, mentioned for accuracy, a couple … Lignum Vitae Blanks, GENUINE GUAYACAN Many people have heard of Genuine Lignum vitae (Guaiacum officinale) but this Argentine Lignum vitae (Bulnesia sarmientoi) is … Our stock changes daily, so we are not able to keep … Teak (Burmese) This wood cannot ship outside of the USA. Lignum vitae- is a Dark green and brown heartwood, oily texture, grain visually resembles animal fur, nice floral scent, one of the most dense woods on Earth, turns and polishes wellprized by shipbuilders. Pink Ivory Zebrawood Lignum Vitae … Amboyna Burl Our Links Ebony, Black (Indian) With age and exposure to light, this color can darken. Rare lignum vitae bowl, possibly a wassail bowl, finely turned, molded pedestal base on spreading circular foot; beaded medial band, and beaded lip. A suitable substitute is Vera or Argentine Lignum Vitae. Birdseye Maple. BLOODWOOD. (may Brown Mallee Burl w/ Sapwood & Gunmetal, Designer. Knife-Handle Blanks . 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