What do pet hedgehogs eat? They can be useful for those who make up their own mix or feed a cooked or raw fresh diet. Additionally, wild hedgehogs will hibernate in cold seasons in colder climates (not in Africa) and rely on fat reserves in extremely hot seasons. The problems arise with those who are rather greedy and those who are very lazy! They must be refrigerated after opening. Each individual feed should be suitable for use as hedgehog food and will need: Many fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by hedgehogs and add interest, vitamins, antioxidants and healthful phytochemicals to the diet. Hedgehogs are not picky eaters so they will eat much of what they have been given. All Your Questions Answered, Invertebrates (termites, millipedes, grasshoppers, ants, worms, etc. As pets, hedgehogs should mainly be fed high quality hedgehog food. If you are feeding live insects, you need to feed them before you feed them to your hedgehog (called gut loading) to give the best possible nutritional value. It’s best to take advice from your hedgehog’s breeder on this as they will know which foods suit the hogs they breed. What Do Hedgehogs Eat? Recreate this nutrient balance for your pet hedgehog to keep him happy and healthy. When they awaken from hibernation in spring, hedgehogs usually eat earthworms and snails, easy prey even for the not too nimble hedgehog. Heat dried insects have the advantage of being widely available, but they may have a lower nutritional quality. They eat a diet rich in protein and low in fat, not too dissimilar to cats. Hedgehogs are considered either omnivores or insectivores, depending on the source referenced. The main types of insects that are suitable for hedgehogs are mealworms, waxworms, silkworms, crickets, and grasshoppers. fiber (sometimes given as extra insects or vegetables to prevent constipation in susceptible hedgehogs); joint supplements (to reduce arthritis as hedgehogs age); probiotics (useful for maintaining gut health during stressful periods). If you suspect that your hedgehog is obese or ill, it is important to take them to see an exotics vet as soon as possible for advice and treatment. By Elton Dunn. Each day, one to two tablespoons of kibble should be offered to an adult hedgehog in addition to a teaspoon of fruits and vegetables and some insects. Hedgehogs have the unique ability to digest chitin from insects. Instead, they eat everything raw. A ‘base food’ cat kibble or premium hedgehog food. A few pieces of apple, carrot or greens are suitable for this purpose. You can buy a specially prepared hedgehog food mix from some larger pet stores, but this is not available in all areas. The hedgehog or cat kibble should make up the majority of the daily diet, and even though a hedgehog is very active at night and burns a lot of energy, you'll want to control how much kibble it gets. Hedgehogs will readily eat meat-based cat food. Try starting with 2 teaspoons of kibble in the evening (along with the other elements of the diet), and then assessing what is left in the morning. Hedgehogs have been known to eat certain species of fish. They may also enjoy occasional treats in addition to these foods. Hedgehogs are widely recognised as a potent ally in the garden, but what do they actually eat? A check should also be done for preservatives and harmful elements. However, they are great runners and in their search for food (according to the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club UK) they can cover up to 12 miles a night. This could make them sick and could hurt their digestive system. Many hedgehog owners buy high … Other (fruit, fungi, vegetation, eggs, roots, carrion, etc. Follow these guidelines and you’ll soon be able to relax about your hedgehog’s food and concentrate on enjoying their quirky ways. Your email address will not be published. This kibble has mashed up insects along with vitamins and minerals to create a balanced diet specifically formulated for an African pygmy hedgehog. See … How they eat it. You can usually get away with feeding them scraps of meat, from cooked beef to lean pork, turkey and chicken. The kibble size is important too. Many people suggest leaving out a bowl full of kibble all the time, which will work for many hogs. The nutritional benefits are also limited to what’s been added to the packet. They will eat any bugs such as worms, night crawlers, earwigs, millipedes, slugs, and caterpillars that they can find. If your hedgehog is likely to look for food during the day (some do), then leave a few pieces for them to find around the habitat but remove the dish until the evening. Pet hedgehogs. Offer each new treat on its own alongside the main food and wait to see how the hedgehog responds before feeding anything else. Bacon. Hedgehogs are prone to obesity, so it is of utmost importance to monitor how much you are feeding it. John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images. Most hedgehog enthusiasts have a preferred base product for their hedgehog’s dry food. Obviously, a large hedgehog is likely to eat a great deal more than a very small one. If you are struggling, you can approach one of the hedgehog clubs or groups for experienced people to help you. Foraging opportunities can help to keep the hedgehog active and can easily be offered by putting the kibble in various places around the habitat.
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