In 1974, a profile in the Chicago Daily News called him the “small man with the lean build of a dynamite stick,” a description that does not quite apply today. Flames rise more than 30 feet in the air. “I don’t have a wife no more,” Koske says. The doors, the hood, and the trunk fly off. Benny Hinn Ministries Responds to Government Raid on HQ 04-27-2017 Benny Hinn Ministries has released a statement after federal agents raided the Texas headquarters of the ministry Wednesday. 0.1 miles from Uptown! The story follows film footage purported to have been shot by the crew of Apollo 18. He once opened for the Rolling Stones. Finally, it’s showtime. The song was subsequently released on a highly popular compilation album in that market. It is often said that Promises was a flop in the United States, but due to disagreements between EMI-EAR and Capitol Records in Los Angeles, Capitol refused to sign the group and Promises was never released in the U.S. Once the group was no longer signed to EMI-EAR, and under new manager Toby Mamis, they entered the studio to record a U.S. album for Capitol, produced by Jack Nitzsche. Just a hole. Indianapolis Star-News Obituary Indexes since December 20, 2006 back to Below is an index of obituaries from the Indianapolis Star-News in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sponsorship Opportunity | Terms  |  Privacy Policy  |  FAQ |  Contact us, Season One of Carpocalypse is now on Netflix, The Stuntman Who Blows Himself Up Inside Cars. “Benny is a pro,” says Flying Elvis Morena. The members were siblings Leslie Maria Knauer (born August 20, 1957, Vancouver, vocals, bongos), Jed Knauer (born July 17, 1955, Toronto, guitar, piano) and Benny Knauer (born October 21, 1958, Vancouver, keyboards and vocals). He follows a two-hour rain delay  for torrential thunderstorms that cleared the grandstands and turned the infield into a giant, trash-filled mud puddle glistening  with spilled oil and gasoline. 23/12/1929. “Once, I spent 30 days in a burn ward at the hospital,” says Koske, who has traveled as far as Singapore to blow up. It seems at first blush a whimsical children’s yarn, but is actually a deep, radical call for proactive, hands-on parenting. Knauer was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault, carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure, possession of cocaine and possession of … What's My Line? He guessed at the explosives and was about to climb into his first exploding car  when someone suggested he blow it up from a distance. They used up all their fire extinguishers and had started pouring water on the blazing Buick, but it burned and burned. Almost all the crowd has returned to the still-dripping grandstands. - Amsteerdam, Paesi Bassi, Olanda. MusicBrainz is operated by the MetaBrainz Foundation, a California based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation dedicated to keeping MusicBrainz free and open source. La sua carriera è iniziata alla grande, suonando con Vido Musso, con Stan Getz e con Charlie… Promises (group) "Promises" was a Canadian based pop group which was founded 1978 in Thousand Oaks, California. “I think I could have gotten out, but I’m glad Chris was there to help me.”, Later, members of the track crew say they were not so sure. He's a stuntman who uses explosives to destroy a car — while he's in it — at shows across the nation. After settling for a time in New Orleans, he returned to Montreal in 1842. Knauer Performing Arts Center ... “What happened here? The members were the siblings Leslie Maria Knauer (born August 20, 1957, Vancouver, vocals), Jed Knauer (born July 17, 1955, Toronto, guitar, piano) and Benny Knauer (born October 21, 1958, Vancouver, keyboards). It’s a girl!”. Promises, A Canadian band with sister Leslie Maria Knauer and brothers, Jed Knauer and Benny Knauer The Pointer Sisters , an American R&B group, Ruth , Anita , Bonnie , June Ponderosa Twins Plus One , an American soul vocal group formed in 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio featuring two sets of identical twins: Alfred & Alvin Pelham and Keith & Kirk Gardner Benny's Pizzeria #65 of 216 Restaurants in West Chester 20 reviews. Benny “the Bomb” Koske climbs out of the car—somehow, once again, still alive—and waves to the crowd. The fireball is enormous­­­­­—bigger than usual­­­­­—possibly, in part, because gasoline on the ground, which had leaked into the infield from demolition-derby cars, ignited, too. The seat Benny the Bomb would have occupied landed a half-block away. But Crash-A-Rama series promoter George Knauer—better known as the mulleted “Moe the Hothead” during two seasons of Carpocalypse on Spike TV, a show that profiled demolition-derby drivers—is well aware that no Crash-A-Rama has ever been rained out, and he decides the show must go on. Dressed in an old Leaf racing suit that was once red, white, and blue before too many explosions and subsequent washings faded it to a sort of singed gray, Benny the Bomb slips on a head sock and a helmet. Join Facebook to connect with Jed Knauer and others you may know. Then, a moment later, another explosion sounded like a trailing-off trill of fireworks. He blew up in the Astrodome. Maybe a year or two. Not long into his stunt-driving career, he saw a Russian in Saskatchewan blow himself up while sitting in a chair. This is the first time that the previous record of 10 and two-tenths seconds has been broken. He lies down on the front seat of the Buick, pulling a heavy fireman’s blanket over him. The crowd starts the countdown: “Three, two, one . “He knows how to work a crowd.”, How much longer? Koske doesn’t know. “The trailer went flying,” Braig says. Benny the Bomb is the closing act of the Crash-A-Rama series at Orlando Speed World, a twice-annual thrill show that helps keep the doors open at the sagging speedway the rest of the year. He talks of finding and training a successor, maybe a pretty girl, who would climb from the burning car and remove her helmet, and when the crowd would see lots of blonde hair cascading down, they’d say, “Hey! Fresh out of college in 1981, Braig was working for a minor-league baseball team in Vero Beach when a man showed up and handed him a business card. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. Leslie Knauer (Knauer-Wasser during a relationship with photographer Julian Wasser) went on to join and release a single with the group Roxy Roller with former London guitarist Lizzie Grey, and later became a member of the group Precious Metal (1983-1992), represented by music attorney Stann Findelle, who made their first recording deal with PolyGram and went on to record on Chameleon Records. Jazz On DVD Part 1 (A-E) ... Part 2 (F-M)... Part 3 (N-Z). With their second single "Lets Get Back Together" being much less successful (only reaching number 18 in Germany), and Leslie wanting the group to become more of a punk band, they broke up. “Second base was gone. Among his first customers: Robin Braig, former president of the Daytona International Speedway. 2020 The Knights of Destruction Motor Sports, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Baby It's you is a hit! Let me submit that my favorite all-time movie — Mary Poppins — is probably one of the most misunderstood films. Artist information Sort name: Knauer, Benny Type: Person Gender: Male Born: 1958-10-21 (61 years ago) Born in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Area: Canada IPI code: 00044175690 Rating The album's recording sessions were subsequently halted, and the group broke up. Koske’s special custom-built detonator was still in the car, and he had tried to get close enough to retrieve it, but it was just too hot. Morena clips the wires. He covered this distance in nine and nine-tenths seconds. Good idea. This moon mission from the early 1970s was officially canceled by NASA, but according to urban legend, it actually happened. “It was actually a matchbook cover,” Braig recalls, with red, white, and blue ink. Benny’s Gig (dedicated to Benny Goodman) Morton Gould for clarinet and double bass . Benny the Bomb comes out last, just after midnight. IMPORTANT While we make every effort to ensure that the information contained on these pages is as current as possible record company catalogues often change suddenly and without warning. Koske’s shirt read, “All-American Dare­devil.”, “He said he would blow himself up at second base for five nights straight during the seventh-inning stretch,” Braig says. Not long after, it was suggested that if Koske blew himself up in a car, he would be marketable to racetracks. . The just-painted Buick has been rigged with a variety of explosives, including a lot of gasoline and a little Cremora nondairy coffee creamer, which professional stuntmen have long used to make a “Cremora fireball.” Benny the Bomb has mostly perfected his witch’s brew of explosives, measuring them carefully and placing them strategically so that when they ignite, shrapnel flies away from him. He does not mention cocker spaniels. Benny climbs into the car. Help keep the music performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra alive until the band can resuming touring once again. Nel 1940 si è trasferito in California con la famiglia e qui ha studiato teoria e armonia al El Camino College di Los Angeles. Leslie was later a member of Kanary (2004), and sang two songs for the Dennis Hopper movie, Choke (2001). Five minutes later, he is at work, parked in his designated space, where he slides the lever on the detonator until it clicks, and the Buick explodes. Benny, who wears a long leather jacket and carries a big knife strapped to his leg everywhere he goes, is played with a cowboy-of-chess gusto by 30-year-old actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster. (TV Series 1950–1967) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The bolts holding the doors, hood, and trunk had been removed, and those parts wired shut for the ride to the track infield. “Another time, I needed 18 stitches where, you know, back here where my wallet is.”, He became Benny the Bomb comparatively late in life. Footage shows signs of alien life, and the events of the mission are built into a … Canadian born vocalist Leslie Knauer was already a known performer thanks to the success of her involvement in her previous group Promises. If he can’t find a detonator, Koske still has some of those red, white, and blue matchbooks, and a long fuse. Benjamin J. Koske, 73, combs his thinning hair, puts on his suit, and slips behind the wheel of  his white Buick LeSabre. Jim had a rabbit running and hopping free in his studio, very cute. Once, he blew his stomach open. One by one, the tires exploded. The weather changed on Wednesday. Benny Maiser, Waconia’s speed artist, yesterday afternoon in a trial dash for the Mound track meet established a new record for the 100-yard dash. The members were siblings Leslie Maria Knauer (born August 20, 1957, Vancouver, vocals, bongos), Jed Knauer (born July 17, 1955, Toronto, guitar, piano) and Benny Knauer (born October 21, 1958, Vancouver, keyboards and vocals). La Valse Des Niglos (Gypsy waltz) Jo Privat for violin, clarinet, guitar and bass. “You never know exactly what will happen,” he says. He had a job with a company  working for the space program: “I put two men on the moon before I got laid off,” he says—and that’s when he started performing as a driver in stunt shows, inspired by a friend, stuntman Chuck Beeler. Rêve Bohèmien (Gypsy waltz) Jo Privat. In fact, something amazing happened: Germany fell utterly in love with it. 114 N Church St . He has 15 seconds to get out of the car. “I think he charged us $200. After the Rebellions of 1837, he traveled the US promoting the annexation of Canada. Benjamin J. Koske, 73, combs his thinning hair, puts on his suit, and slips behind the wheel of his white Buick LeSabre. Are you looking for concerts 2021, concert tickets, concerts 2021, concert tours, music events? He is wobbly but coherent. It also reached number one on the New Zealand Singles Chart for five weeks. BAKER CHET CHESNEY H. (TP-VC) Yale, Oklahoma. This concert will feature music of primarily American Clarinet composers and performers: Jimmy Guiffre, Artie Shaw, Benny … We ran out to him, and he said, ‘I forgot to adjust for the change in humidity.’”. Their father Peter Knauer was a German from Hamburg who moved with his children from Canada to California in the late 1960s. We started out in Holland, went to Austria, Switzerland, Germany etc. .” Benny  the Bomb can’t hear them, of course­­­­­—he is a bit hard of hearing for reasons that should not have to be explained—but he anticipates the countdown just right and slides the lever on the detonator, triggering three mortars and some additional explosives. Five minutes later, he is at work, parked in his designated space, where he slides the lever on the detonator until it clicks, and the Buick explodes. MARY, is Mary Livingston, Jack Benny's wife who didn't consider herself an actress, but won fame playing a wisecracking version of herself on Benny's programs. Koske learned the secret of what he calls the “Russian mystery trick,” but rather than use a chair, he built a bunch of coffins from thin boards and went on tour, exploding. “They don’t make them like him anymore.”. On one side, it said, “Start your fair or celebration with a BANG!” On the other was a cartoon of  Koske, with a huge helmeted head and a small body, the body sitting in a coffin surrounded by dynamite. Canadian born vocalist Leslie Knauer was already a known performer thanks to the success of her involvement in her previous group Promises. The video also received a lot of airplay on South African television. For a moment, the only sound is from the Buick, sizzling like a sirloin steak, water from an earlier rain boiling beneath it. Producer Verroca had used many recording tricks for Leslie's voice that Nitzsche was unaware of, leading to friction with the new producer. In February 1979, the soft rock[1] single "Baby It's You" became a smash hit around the world, especially in Europe, where it reached number 4 in the German charts, and Promises received a Gold album there for selling more than 260,000 units. RICHARD ARLEN was … That crowd is stunned to have witnessed something that actually happened—so much of what they see in movies and on TV is the result of computer-aided graphics—that they cheer and applaud, a sound Benny  the Bomb can’t hear right now, having  just been at ground zero. So every night, we’d wheel him out in his coffin, which was ­sitting on the trailer we used for lawn maintenance, and he’d explode.” All went well Monday and Tuesday. Flying Elvis Morena, also in helmet and fire suit, rushes to the car and helps pull Benny  the Bomb to safety. Before I get to the presidential primary, I will focus on the Senate primary in Kentucky, since nominating the most qualified candidate to run against McConnell is equally (if not Even well past retirement age, there’s still work for Koske. Promises was a Canadian-based pop group which was founded 1978 in Thousand Oaks, California. The band also included Leslie's brothers Benny and Jed. The promoters provided the Buick, which Benny found barely acceptable, preferring a Ford Taurus because it blows up better. Leslie insisted on recording full takes without overdubs. “That was the detonator,” a dejected Koske says. Eventually, Koske’s company called him back to work, “But I told them to forget it—I’d found something I liked better. Fellow stuntman Chris “Flying Elvis” Morena, who would jump a car over a row of school buses into an until-recently-occupied mobile home prior to Benny the Bomb’s closing act, helped prepare the car, which took Koske all day to wire for explosives. “Thousands. Benny, Jed and I are on tour in Europe. Freedom!”. PULL magazine is the official membership magazine for the 65,000+ BMX Racers in North America; who belong to USA BMX (a combination of both ABA and NBL sanctioning bodies). When the rain slows to a drizzle, it does. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. ... Knauer Performing Arts Center Koske spent most of his time on the road, returning when he could to his wife in Palm Bay, Florida, and her 26 cocker spaniels. The song was also hugely popular in Australia, largely due to programming of its promotional video on Sunday evening television music show Countdown. Flames rise more than 30 feet in the air. The explosion was much larger than they  had anticipated. Benny  was lying there dazed. These titles are REGION 2 and PAL system compatible unless stated otherwise.. "Baby It's You" was a success in South Africa as well, also appearing on Volume 7 of that country's long-running compilation album series "Pop Shop". Performed here at Milo 4 times before: Musica Viva 2013, International Chamber Orchestra of WDC 2014, Ellington/Strayhorn 2015, Theloneous Monk 2016. I have no idea.”, Sometimes things do not go according to plan. Concerts 2021. For the Florida performance, Benny the Bomb showed up a day early, alone, driving his blue Chevrolet Impala. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Intermission. [2], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Baby It's You" single ("First Published ... in Holland"), Leslie Knauer tribute page, courtesy Rocketcity Records,, Musical groups from Ventura County, California, Articles needing additional references from November 2015, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 09:04. “Hundreds,” Benny  the Bomb says. “He’s old school,” says Crash-A-Rama’s Knauer. Persuaded by Victor to come to California, he first moved to San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles in 1853. Swing 39 Seul Ce Soir Blue Drag Swing 48 Ternura La Javanaise Black Orpheus C’est Si Bon For Sephora Viper’s Dream Promises was formed, recorded and produced by Steve Verroca, who leased the group's album to EMI EAR Holland. Jed Knauer is on Facebook. Please consider making a donation to help the band operate during the global pandemic. There have also been broken legs and ribs. Benny Knauer Promises was a Canadian -based pop group which was founded 1978 in Thousand Oaks , California . 1978. If he doesn’t, he says the promoters don’t have to pay him but that it would be nice if they helped arrange the funeral. How many times has he blown up in the past 30 years? Benny's real name is Benjamin J. Koske, 73, of Palm Bay. That night, Benny the Bomb seemed to blow up with much more force than before. He had a show the next week in Atlanta and needed that special detonator. 13/5/88. Leslie recorded two albums with Promises, both of which went gold and platinum in Australia and New Zealand. ", One way or another, the show  will go on. ConcertBoom provides the latest and most accurate list of … This photo was taken in Berlin by Jim (he also managed Nina Hagen) Rakete. In the world of auto stunts, Benny the Bomb is considered a legend, alongside Bumps Willard, Tricky Travelstead, Insane Arno Selberg, Creepo the Clown, Mr. Dizzy, and Spanky Spangler. For years, he toured the globe, appearing four times on The Tonight Show, as the centerfold in National Enquirer, and in feature stories in publications worldwide.
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